Parties & Celebrations

Celebrate your special occasion with us

Whatever you’re raising a toast to, let us make it a memorable dining experience with our uncomplicated, unpretentious, delicious food served by a team who love what they do.

Join us celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion or graduation. We can accommodate large groups if you’re bringing along all your friends and family, or we can even offer an exclusive hire of the whole restaurant. Get in touch with the team, email to book larger groups and private hire.

Birthday Cakes

Please note: only food that has been produced in our kitchen may be consumed on the premises. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to bring your own cake to the restaurant, but we would be more than happy to make an indulgent, layered chocolate cake just for you.

The cake will serve up to 10 people and is charged at £40.

Please contact the restaurant team with at least 48 hours’ notice to place an order, which should be paid for in advance of your booking. Email

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